Welcome / a, wing online shop Eurocosmetics Group.
Group Eurocosmetics was born in 2000, bringing more than 19 years' experience in the sector.
It was created to offer and professionals in hairdressing, beauty and spa, a wide range of furniture, disposable aparatologia, with a very good and competitive value. For example with our own low cost models, available, accessible to any center.
Nuesto business is based on selling online, by phone and catalog, allowing us to offer very competitive prices, while maintaining quality. We were the pioneers in the online selling sector.
We have our own technical service to repair any device we sell with maximum guarantee and effectiveness.
Our online store also offers the convenience of being able to buy from anywhere and at any time, saving time and money.
Eurocosmetics Group has its stores and headquarters in Lerida, with regional offices in Bulgaria and Romania, which allows us to cover deliveries throughout Europe in record time.
Most of the furniture is made by ourself, like wooden massage table, manicure table, waiting chairs, and so on, with more than 2000m2 facilities, so we can offer our standard models adapted to your needs.
We invite you to visit our online shop, where guests may find the latest news and promotions, updated weekly.
Can not find what you are looking for, we would be grateful, you get in touch with us via phone at 973 730644/630 236465 or via e.mail:, where we will be happy to assist and help.

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